Business Backup

Business Backup

Business Backup

Our wireless broadband solutions, via microwave point-to-point technology, offer many of the benefits of fibre, without the longer install times required to lay the physical cables. With speeds up to a gigabit, our wireless broadband helps agile businesses stay connected.

At some unknown point, your business is going to suffer an internet outage. Do you have a plan in place if the worst were to happen? If you have fibre with another provider, you can take a wireless backup connection with us. With BlueWave’s very own independent network, it means you have the benefit of still being able to keep your business flowing even if you had problems with your other provider.

Small and Medium Businesses

If you run a small business it’s unlikely you need high capacity internet or the prices to reflect that, we can provide you with backup download speeds of up to 50Mbps and upload of 1-Mbps. We run our public network on a low contention rate so that you’re not sharing with hundreds of other businesses at once. For £10 per week you can have the peace of mind that you have a backup solution to keep your business running in the event your primary internet fails.

Large Businesses

If you are a larger business you will likely require dedicated bandwidth. BlueWave can offer speeds of up to 1Gbps (depending on your business needs) dedicated line that is always on, just in case you need it. With our fibre through the air, it would be the perfect option to avoid business downtime if an outage through your fibre in the ground. We supply and service e-gaming and media companies and large hotels with this technology as a primary service, so it might be a backup, but it’s not a second class connection.

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Blazingly fast
Fast installation

(doesn’t require digging up the roads!)

Cost effective
Portable hardware

Can relocate hardware if you move premises

Upload speeds

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

No data cap

Why go gigabit?

Fast and reliable broadband can help your business in many ways, including:

Stimulating business growth
Reducing delays, costs and frustrations
Improving productivity

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