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5G Network as a Service

Supporting 5G innovation - Deploy a 5G network to test and trial future connected technologies

Our 5G Network as a Service offering has been created to support any organisation to underpin digital transformation. We provide public, private and specialist network services across education, healthcare, defence, logistics and marine & maritime.

The lower latency and high capacity allows prioritisation of ‘real time’ traffic to help deliver more data with increased reliability, prompting faster interactions and improved outcomes.

Any application which requires increased speed, lower latency, higher security or the ability to create dedicated resources for particular applications will benefit from 5G.


aql will provision, install and connect 5G radio infrastructure on site - either indoors or as an external mast site deployment.

Why 5G Network as a Service from BlueWave?

  • Fully Regulated and Licensed: BlueWave are a full 3G/4G/5G Mobile Network Operator (MNO).
  • Open access: Neutral host infrastructure and roaming is delivered via GSMA roaming agreements.
  • Remote mast (macro or small cell) sites will be installed, routed over IPSEC-over-leased-line for customers requiring a non-standalone 5G instance.
  • UK licensed operation can be enacted via Shared Access or Local Access license.
    Other frequencies available in other jurisdictions, including marine and maritime.
  • Following 3GPP 5G Roadmap - supporting a suite of 5G Core and Edge Functionality.
  • Full GSMA member.
  • UK vendor technology: UK vendor Mobile Core and Edge / RAN.
  • Oversight board including senior industry 5G and mobile security experts.
Full GSMA Member GSMA Operator Member

The Benefits

Multiple frequencies

Multiple frequencies operated, via Shared Spectrum, Local Access Spectrum, native Spectrum across multiple jurisdictions.

Full GSMA Member

Full GSMA member - Full Mobile Network Operator - allowing Neutral Host infrastructure.

UK vendor

UK vendor Mobile Core and Edge / RAN.

Flexible handoff

Flexible handoff of traffic in multiple locations.

High traffic capacity

Can handle high traffic content locally.

High throughput

High throughput, supporting a wide range of CPE and devices.

"Concentrate on your connected innovation, the end use case and solutions rather than on the deployment of 5G."

If you’re an incubator, catapult or accelerator, we’d love to talk about partnerships. Please get in touch.


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