Case study

Case study

The Isle of Man Code Club

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The Code Club have been supported by BlueWave over several years. Originally the club was based at The Forum building and had access to the BlueWave internet connection there until the building closed and them moved to a venue in Ronaldsway. Both at Ronaldsway and their new home in Douglas, we have been able to provide a secondary connection to support the club and ensure that they have something to fall back on in case their first connection fails.

BlueWave were the first company to provide the club with a connection and enabled the club to get going as quickly as possible. Our connection offers them speed of delivery with flexibility, as the club have had to move so has the BlueWave service with them and we were pleased to be able to install the link really quickly each time to make sure the Club never missed a session.

The Code Club meets every Saturday morning so they have a real peak time in terms of connection traffic with a few hours a week where they have enormous consumption, this means the back-up connection is vital. Imagine trying to entertain over 40 kids on a Saturday morning if they lose the internet connection!

If BlueWave were not able to support The Code Club in this way then there would be a real risk that the members of their club would not be able to meet to learn in this way. A loss for our community and a missed opportunity for the young people who are so inspired by The Code Club.

BlueWave is delighted to be able to provide The Code Club with this support.

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