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Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Our wireless broadband solutions, via microwave point-to-point technology, offer many of the benefits of fibre, without the longer install times required to lay the physical cables. With speeds up to a gigabit, our wireless broadband helps agile businesses stay connected.

We pride ourselves on having an independent network, offering another choice to businesses either both on and off the Isle of Man. Whether you need a primary line or a back-up line, we can provide you with the connectivity you need for your business.

Business Choice

We know that choosing connectivity for your business can be a big decision, but we believe that your business has to have options to thrive in a competitive market. We’d love to be part of your decision-making process and offer a solution for your business to take advantage of.

Service as Standard

We provide you with a direct point of contact if you do have any issues and resolve them within a business grade SLA. If the worst does happen, our dedicated team are on hand whenever you need them. Our responsive team on the ground are able to get to you when you need it most, and with the help of our technical team in the UK we give you hands and feet on the Isle of Man, backed up with large brain power.

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Blazingly fast
Fast installation

(doesn’t require digging up the roads!)

Cost effective
Portable hardware

Can relocate hardware if you move premises

Upload speeds
Symmetrical upload and download speeds
No data cap

Why go gigabit?

Fast and reliable broadband can help your business in many ways, including:

Stimulating business growth

Reducing delays, costs and frustrations

Improving productivity

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