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Off-Island Wholesale Transit

BlueWave©’s resilient independent network spans the Isle of Man and across to the UK.

Our scalable off-island capacity with low latency into IXLeeds and many Tier-1 Internet Service Provider (ISPs), offers efficiently routed BGP internet capacity, including low latency to many of the large enterprise cloud operators and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Our off-Island wholesale transit provides direct connectivity to core Points of Presence (POPs) in the north and south of England, but if you have a custom requirement for connectivity, just let us know and our team can join the dots.

Our UK POP’s for layer 2 handoff include:

Leeds (aql - dc2, dc3, dc5)

Manchester (Williams, Kilburn)

London (Telehouse East, Telehouse North, Telecity Harbour Exchange)

Estonia (Porkuni)

IPv4/v6 and layer 2 connectivity

We can provide IPv4/v6 and also layer 2 connectivity into many UK locations and third-party networks, our reach includes:

Third-party networks logos

We can provide links from 100Mb/s to multiple 10Gb/s, metered using the 95th percentile traffic sampling technique with robust SLAs, 24/7 network monitoring and dedicated support to ensure your experience is what you would expect from a communications partner.

If you are looking to expand your network, but don’t want to spend the time, cost and effort that it takes to do something on a larger scale, a wholesale option from BlueWave is the answer.

The benefits

Robust and reliable connections.

Direct connectivity to core Points of Presence in north and south of England.

24/7 network monitoring.

Dedicated support from BlueWave technical team.

Additional Services

If you are also wanting co-location or data centre services, our sister company, aql, in the UK owns and operates several DCs with priority access and pricing for BlueWave® customers.