Number porting

We can increase your customer retention by porting their existing landline number onto the aql switch platforms, with delivery into the partners network over VoIP.

We provide number portability for your geographic and non-geographic number ranges from BT and most VoIP providers. Our easy-in easy-out porting process is designed to be seamless and to provide an excellent customer experience, aiming for zero downtime during the process itself.

Networks from which aql can port numbers

British Telecom KCOM Gamma Telecom Talk Talk Business Sky Spitfire Telecom Magrathea Telecom Simwood Telecom Vodafone Telecom Virgin Media
Verizon Telecom Voxbone Telecom Invoco Telecom

Porting migration

If you need to move your numbers from your existing provider, take advantage of our reliable switching infrastructure and extensive experience in managing this transition. We can help you with:

  • Capacity planning
  • Routing plan checking - liaison with BT to ensure the new plans are unflawed
  • Provision of test numbers - ensuring our number handoff to the client is as
  • Tight project management - ensure a cutover date is defined and all parties are aware of the procedure and change window
  • Post-change test plans - testing regimes agreed in advance with the customer


How to request a number port

Porting timescales vary from network to network, depending on the type of number and quantity that you wish to port. Our team of experts will guide you through the migration process step by step. If you need any more information on the porting process and timescales, please get in touch with our teams.

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