BlueWave’s cutting-edge 5G network used to broadcast the Isle of Man TT to the world

BlueWave Communications, one of the Isle of Man’s leading telecoms companies, recently announced itself as a 5G provider, the first company on the island to do so. Its newfound 5G capabilities will be used during the livestreaming of the iconic Isle of Man TT races to provide incredible low-latency high-definition coverage.

The Isle of Man TT, widely regarded as one of the most difficult, exhilarating, and watched road races in the world, attracts viewers from around the globe. Now in its second year of powering the race’s live stream connectivity, BlueWave has partnered with Greenlight Television once again, utilising its 5G infrastructure to provide full 4K live coverage of the race in stunning detail.

Last year, thanks to the BlueWave team, over 700,000 hours of cumulative footage of the Isle of Man TT were live streamed successfully to almost 60,000 viewers around the world. This year, we’ve made our set up even bigger, using over 90 BlueWave 5G SIM cards, 30 fixed roadside connections, and even helicopter-mounted BlueWave modems to make live coverage of the event even more exciting.

BlueWave's 5G network is built on a robust infrastructure, offering reliable connectivity even in high-demand situations, guaranteeing uninterrupted broadcasting of the race to global audiences.

Professor Adam Beaumont, CEO of BlueWave Communications, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are proud to support Greenlight Television in their mission to capture the electrifying action of the Isle of Man TT. Our 5G network will enable them to push the boundaries of live sports broadcasting, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience to fans worldwide."

BlueWave’s connectivity and technology and Greenlight Television’s experience and expertise in sports entertainment have allowed live coverage of an event that has never had live coverage before, allowing fans from all over the world to be close to the action in real time.