BlueWave, connecting the Isle of Man TT

BlueWave provides connectivity for live-streaming of the Isle of Man TT.

BlueWave were chosen by to provide coverage that would live-stream the Isle of Man TT motorbike race for the first time ever. The continued investment BlueWave has made in providing and upgrading the island’s connectivity infrastructure made them a standout choice to cover the event.

Using their existing infrastructure, BlueWave made a solar-powered connectivity solution that provided off-the-grid self-sustaining connectivity of up to 100MB per second across the entirety of the race course. This internet speed allowed 700,000 cumulative hours of race footage to be streamed to 60,000 viewers around the world.

Following the end of the race, the additional connectivity units BlueWave had installed for the race were modified to provide WiFi in remote parts of the island that previously had little to no connectivity.